Union County Republicans are working diligently supports the interests for our constituents

We work towards ensuring lower taxes through responsible government at all levels. Additionally, crime is now out of control requiring common sense policy, proper & timely enforcement. Our court system needs to be streamline to become significantly more efficient.

Our Principles

It shall be the purpose of the County Committee to organize the people who believe in the Republican principles of government by promoting and electing qualified and able candidates who shall promote the traditional principles of the Republican Party in elective public office. The traditional principles of the Republican Party, to which the County Committee reaffirms its allegiance, are:

  • That all human beings are equal in the eyes of God and share of reason; that by virtue of these truths every individual shall be equal under the law;
  • That the purpose of government is to enable every individual the full freedom to attain his or her full potential as a human being;
  • That freedom is dependent upon respect for the rights of others;
  • That we share equally in opportunities and responsibilities and that one is dependent upon the other;
  • That the free enterprise system provides mankind with the greatest means to attain prosperity, technological advancement and creative expression and must be encouraged and protected;
  • That legitimate government is created only for the benefit of the people and can be changed or abolished only with the consent of the people;
  • That the social agencies and educational institutions of the United States provide every American – regardless of any disadvantages of birth – with equal economic opportunity based on hard work and natural talents.
Federal & State Government
Is our Federal & State Government's serving the needs of NJ Citizens? (Review)
County Government
Why does County Government cost so much for NJ Citizens? (Review)
Municipal government
Is your Municipal Government's diligent serving the needs of citizens? (Review)
Primary Day Countdown
Come Join Us

We need to reshape our government and how we view desired results. We have to step up as Republicans and take the lead.

Deadline by October 18, 2022

Vote By Mail Applications

If you do not receive a Vote-By-Mail ballot in September, but you wish to vote by mail, you may obtain a mail-in ballot using this link.  You may send your ballot by mail, deposit it in one of the convenient drop boxes around Union County or deliver it in-person to the Union County Board of Elections.

Link to dropbox locations

Deadline by November 8, 2022

Automatic Vote By Mail

Permanent Vote By Mail List Voters will automatically receive a mail-in ballot in September.  Approximately fifteen percent of voters are on this list.  If you receive a mail-in ballot in September, you should complete it as soon as possible and return it, using the instructions in the envelope.  You may send your ballot by mail, deposit it in one of the convenient drop boxes around Union County or deliver it in-person to the Union County Board of Elections.

Link to dropbox locations

Deadline by November 6, 2022

In-Person Early Voting by Machine

New Jersey voters will be able to vote early in special voting machines.  There are seven (7) early voting locations around the county.  There will be   in-person early voting from October 29th – November 6th. Click on the link below for the early voting locations.

Link to Early Voting locations

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